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How My Investments Performed In 2016 January 21, 2017 17:45

At this time of year I like to do a round-up of how my investments performed. But when I attempted that this year, it looked like I'd made a killing... Mainly from shares and (since Brexit & Trump) bonds that I hold which are valued in other currencies.

But in reality, things are very different, and worryingly so.

Should I Move to London for a Higher Salary? May 17, 2016 20:19 2 Comments

The majority of budgeting advice boils down to “reduce your spending, and/or maximise your income.”

There’s a huge amount written about how you can reducing spending and budget carefully, but there’s not so much discussion on how you should go about maximising your income.

One option that’s often thrown around is to “move to London, because the salaries are so much better.” Is it so simple?

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How My Investment Portfolio Performed in 2015... January 20, 2016 09:43

2015 has been a hugely turbulent year for investors, dominated by oil price wars, worries about declining growth in China, and global jitters over what central banks were going to do next. 2015 marks the end of a stunning growth in market values over the last 5 years.

Fortunately, I’ve been very lucky and had an extremely solid year, despite the overall downward trend of the markets.

The reason for this success can be attributed to having shares in a single company (Google – now Alphabet), which I initially bought in January.

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How to Start Investing - Choosing a Stocks and Shares ISA provider October 23, 2015 10:44

Choosing a Stocks & Shares ISA provider is the first step in making use of your ISA allowance to invest money cheaply in the markets. There are many providers available, each with their own pros & cons, in this post I'll point out what you should be looking for in an ISA provider.

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How Much Should I Be Spending? And How Much Should I Be Saving? August 13, 2015 13:50

There are all sorts of rules and models telling you how you should be spending your money. Many of them will make you feel like a failure. Because they all seem to be written by bragging millionaires, or by financial advisers who make their living by telling rich people how they should be distributing their vast wealth...

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Making Money by Investing July 31, 2015 12:52

I’ve made a lot of money by investing through my stocks & shares ISA. And I'd like to use this blog to help you learn a little more about how to invest...

Making Money by Investing