Cards Against Humanity UK Edition May 11, 2016 10:50

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There was a time when I believed my family to be kind, decent, up-standing, compassionate people, each possessed of a conscience, and a solid moral centre.

That was before Cards Against Humanity came along and stripped me of such childishly naïve notions.

Cards Against Humanity

I'm clearly a member of a family full of monstrous sociopaths, happy to laugh at everything you’re not MEANT to find funny (genocide, rape, racism, incest – to name a few).

And that seems to be the point of Cards Against Humanity – the card game that is a spectacular rejection of all things politically correct. And it’s stunningly cathartic, yet cringe-inducing, game to play, especially when you ignore all the received wisdom and play with your family.

The basic idea is to combine cards in the most inappropriately hilarious ways possible, aiming to win the most hands and be recognised as the funniest (foulest) person in the game. Best played with a liberal application of alcohol, and without any easily offended acquaintances.

To be honest, there’s not much I can say here that hasn't already been said in the reviews:

Cards Against Humanity Reviews

A game for those seeking to throw caution (and common decency) to the wind.

The makers have recently reworked the game for a UK audience, in their words; “Adapted from the American version to suit your outmoded culture.” Uppity yanks.

At least I can cling to the fact that my mum didn't know what “bukkake” meant… Until my little sister merrily told her to Google it.