The Benefits of Caffeine October 27, 2015 12:57

Caffeine is in our food (chocolate), our drinks (coffee & tea), our medicines (it's a mild pain-killer and increases the effectiveness of other pain-killers), and it's THE active ingredient in a huge array of supplements designed to improve performance in the gym or aid weight loss.

Caffeine Pills

Why has this innocuous stimulant become so widely used? Because it's brilliant. Here are some reasons why:

Caffeine increases physical performance

Caffeine has been shown to improve both endurance and strength in athletes. So whether you're a strongman or a long distance runner, it's worth trying. 

Caffeine improves mental performance

A stimulant that acts on the central nervous system, caffeine has been show to improve reaction times, vigilance, logical reasoning (source) and may even enhance our memory.

Caffeine is a cheap, widely available, natural stimulant with virtually no downsides

People are often surprised to learn that caffeine is cheap - especially given how expensive coffee and caffeine supplements or caffeine pills are.

The fact is that caffeine is so good, that businesses can get away with charging a lot for it, whether it's in the form of an energy drink, or a diet pill, or a pre-workout shake etc. It's all overpriced caffeine.

And, to answer an all too common question; yes, you can build up a tolerance to / dependence on caffeine. But of all the addictions you'll ever have, caffeine is the one which will never cause you physical, emotional, social, or economic harm (unless you insist on buying loads of expensive Starbucks coffees every week). 

I start & stop taking caffeine regularly (6 weeks on 2 weeks off) so that I don't build up a tolerance and always get the full benefit. And I've never experienced a single withdrawal headache.

So I'm happy to personally recommend caffeine. And I can say with confidence that Caveman Store caffeine is the best value you'll find anywhere.