Laphroaig - Recommended Whisky November 05, 2015 16:51

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Laphroaig is a single-malt whisky that's become one of my favourites in the last few years.

I was introduced to Laphroaig (pronounced La-froyg) by a former colleague, who, as a genuine Scotsman, I was inclined to trust when it came to the subject of what to drink at the open bar of our company's Christmas bash...

Laphroaig Whisky

Just to set the scene for you, this colleague normally has a subtly lyrical Scottish accent, but after more-than-a-few drinks, his inner Glaswegian comes to the fore, and he speaks with such enthusiasm that it can be difficult to understand...

But I caught this much as he thrust a tumbler into my hand filled with this particular whisky:

"Try a wee bit of that, it's like drinking a glass of bacon!"

This sentence was enough to sell Laphroaig to me as a single malt whisky of choice for when you're in the mood for something powerful.

Smell: Smoky, peaty, punchy and sharp

Taste: Smoked meat (the promised bacon!), surprisingly complicated layers of sweetness & saltiness with a long finish that lingers in the mouth

This isn't one I'd give to a whisky novice - but it's certainly earned a place in my collection. Thanks for the recommendation Kev!