BBQ Smokey Chipotle Chilli Sauce


This sauce rocks my world.

It is a traditional Mexican recipe, made with oak-smoked Jalapeños (Chipotles) onions, soft brown sugar, garlic, and fresh chillies.

The result is a condiment that I'd happily kill for... Don't assume I'm joking.

Smokey (or 'smoky' if you're inclined to spell it that way) deliciousness combined with a perfect balance of heat and flavour.

Use it instead of tomato or brown sauce on burgers or sausages, or it's brilliant in a wrap with chicken. Try it as well with eggs or make a dip by adding it to sour cream.

If all my meals had to be smothered with some sort of sauce for the rest of my life, it'd be this sauce. And I'd die a happy man.

Tasting Notes:

Subject No.1 (Hot sauce novice, prefers sweet or mild flavours)

"Woah, that's really smoky... But it's good though... really good! I want some more!"

Subject No.2 (Hot sauce enthusiast, likes it spicy, likes the 'respect' it earns him even more)

"It reminds me of that liquid-smoke whisky we tried... Really awesome taste, and it's pretty much addictive."

Subject No.3 (Native of India, raised on spice. Probably given chilli peppers as teething toys when he was a toddler)

"I'm really glad we're tasting this - it's so different to what I've had before. I can imagine it going really well on almost anything."

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